Thursday, August 30, 2007

How is Snow Tire Chain Important ?

It is recommended that the drivers should drive cautiously in winters. Snow and ice can spell problem, especially for those drivers who do not have experience driving in such conditions, or those who fail to prepare themselves. One of the most essential features of winter car preparation is Tire Care. The most important feature of Tire Care in winter is a Tire Chain.

The basic rule of tire chains is to make certain that they can really be used on your vehicle. This actually means dragging out the old car owner's manual. After it is made sure that tire chains are secure for your truck or car, check with local law enforcement officers to make sure that chains are legal in your state. When you have actually thought of using snow tire chains, ensure that it actually fits to your car tires.

Tire chains should be pre-fit long before going out into the snow. Drivers should carefully follow the directions of installing their tire chains, which should be applied as tightly as possible by hand. When installing the chains, tires should be at normal rise and no collapsing of the tires for an easier application process. After putting the tire chains on all four tires, drive about one-quarter of a mile, then stop and retighten. The speed while driving with snow chains should be approximately 30 miles per hour. Go slowly in the beginning to get used to how snow chains change the way your vehicle handles. Snow chains should only be used in the area where they are required. Do not put them on early or leave them on after you are clear of snow and ice.

There are many types of snow tire chains for the car. Few types of snow tire chains are:

* Cable chains - They are very economical and light in weight. They are often galvanized with steel rollers for increasing grip on vehicles with limited disaster approval.

* Twist Link Chains – They are economical for the vehicles with nominal approval.

* Highway Chains – They are normally made up of all steel with a twist link design. These chains are designed for vehicles with non-restricted wheel and fine clearance. The heavier chains provide extra gripping power and stability.

* Snow Grip Chains – These chains are best for the winter weather. These chains provide better gripping and a smooth drive. The square link design in this kind of chain provides better standing, stopping, and cornering than any other straight ladder design.

* Road King Chain – These chains provide a square link design with a ‘Y’ model chain. These chains offer a relaxed but a bit forceful ride with not much sound and shaking.

* V-Bar Snow tire chain – These chains provide forceful gripping for snow removal and emergency vehicles. These chains should not be used on the vehicles with limited wheel well clearance.

Regardless of the brand or style of snow tire chains used, winter drivers should ensure that the chains are the properly fitted and are correctly installed in order to offer the best safety to the drivers and passengers.

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